Lotto NZ – Branding

Client: Lotto New Zealand   Agency: Interbrand, NZ   The Business Issue: There was no awareness or equity being built into the NZ Lotteries (NZL) masterbrand. Over time NZL had become dominated by the product brands it delivered. NZ Lotteries staff were fragmented in terms of ‘who’ they actually worked for. Importantly the reason for being for NZ Lotteries, which is to generate revenue to return back to the community, was not being communicated or understood either by staff or the New Zealand public at large.   The Brand Response: NZ Lotteries was renamed Lotto New Zealand and the brand architecture was reworked so that Lotto New Zealand now clearly delivered a suite of products that delivered to the overarching proposition of Play to Win. Win to Give.   The Brand Result: A new dynamic and colourful identity was created for Lotto NZ, which embodies the spirit of the brand and reflects the organizations vision to “operate and deliver a world class gaming experience for the benefit of New Zealand Communities. The new creative platform now delivers a visual identity and brand experience that is flexible, dynamic and fun that will overtime, colour all of New Zealand. ‘Lotto NZ is a living, breathing identity that colours New Zealanders’ lives. It’s adaptive, living in the here and now with surprise and excitement at its heart.



Skills: 1. Branding, 5. Recent